Dream – A Shortstory

Dream – A Shortstory
The Wanderer I by S. T. under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license.

You robbed me of my emotions, you took away my freedom, with a knife you embroidered my fears and pains on my skin and transformed me into a freak.

Of course, I know you are waiting and watching me. I can feel your lifeless eyes burn my skin. I don’t want to give you the satisfaction of my gaze, so I walk through the emptiness that seems crowded, and feel comfortable in the screaming silence. So many times I have dreamed of this breath-taking moment in which I would leave you to die and to cease to exist. It’s like seeing a great eternal dream.

I still can recall how you had panicked and had futilely struggled to get away. The wide-eyed look of horrified fear had sent delicious shivers down my spine, causing those shivers to ripple across my skin. I couldn’t get enough. I had felt a primal need for more. Fear- I could smell the tainted traces of fear. Yours. I wanted to drink it in as I planned to swap away your very existence from the face of earth. And then the stabbing and twisting of the knife into tender flesh as scarlet satin painted the wall. Taking pleasure, perverse pleasure, in watching those dark eyes of yours widen in shock, in realization, in terror-

How can I describe it? Taste of tenderness in cruelty, sense of urgent desire in cold eyes. Weiterlesen

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